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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this service? helps you read the articles you want to read, without being blocked by a paywall.
How does it work?
To provide you access to your articles, we rely on internet archives that crawl the web and index articles in their full form (e.g.,, Wayback Machine, Google). We also leverage services that utilize javascript disabling as a secondary option (e.g.,,,
What sites does this work for?
Hundreds! We’ve successfully tested articles from publications including Bloomberg, the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Guardian, Harvard Business Review, LA Post, LA Times, The Economist, Chicago Tribute, Boston Globe, The Atlantic, The Telegraph, and The Sydney Morning Herald.
What sites does this NOT work for?
Some sites use a "hard paywall" — the article isn't available for crawling, so the paywall can’t be removed. Unfortunately RemovePaywalls won’t work for these sites, for example, TechCrunch premium.
Why are there multiple options?
We want to increase the likelihood of you reaching the article you care about. Some websites use different ways of creating their paywall, and so different methods work for finding the full article behind it. Our primary option is the one that works most consistently, but if it fails then we expect at least one of the backups to work.
Why are you better than the alternatives?
There are other websites that offer ways around paywalls. We've found it hard to predict which one will work for a given article. Our tool gathers access to all the options, at the click of the button you can try all paths. Press our unique "TRY ALL AT ONCE" button!
Not working? Ideas for improvement?
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